Amish Culture and Amish Furniture

Published: 21st February 2011
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The Amish are people who are part of the Anabaptist religion and who follow their own interpretation of the Bible. The Amish people believe in living a simple life with simple clothes and simple worship; most of them do not even use electricity but they prefer to use candles as a source of light. Basically if you were to see some Amish people from afar it might seem like they are still living in the 1800s. Instead of driving cars Amish people prefer to use horses to transport themselves. As I mentioned earlier, it appears that they are stuck in the 1800s era. One thing that Amish people can do quite well is the making of wooden structures, more notably furniture.
Amish furniture is renowned mostly due to the fact that it is made entirely out of hardwood. Hardwood is pure wood; Amish furniture is made entirely out of pure wood which makes it quite special. In fact most Amish communities live off of what they make selling their furniture to companies or individuals. As you can imagine Amish furniture is made from the highest quality wood that they can get their hands on. On top of that, it is all handmade as well which further increases the furniture’s beauty and quality. You might wonder how the Amish manage to make high quality furniture without machines that run on electricity. Well, the same way people made furniture in the 1800s, by hand and by simple hand held tools, hammers, nails, etc. Some workshops do use a small amount of electricity to assist them in building furniture and to help increase productivity. These workshops are usually more popular than the rest and they must make allot of furniture so they need whatever assistance they can get.
Furniture that is made entirely out of hard wood is quite expensive. Unless you know who to contact when it comes to buying Amish wood, you will most likely have to pay a hefty fee for whatever piece of furniture you are buying. Now, even if you cannot afford to Amish would you can settle for the next best thing. Just make sure that whatever piece of furniture is built out of a good percentage of hardwood. You can find chairs or tables that are made out of just 60% hardwood, 60% is not terrible; you will still get good quality. You must remember that if you want quality you must be willing to pay for it. Allot of work goes into making Amish furniture, if the Amish people were just to give it away for close to nothing all their hard work would show now results.
So, if you currently are in need of some extra furniture and you have a considerable amount of money to spend. Consider searching for some Amish furniture outlets near you and see if you like anything, you might just find a great deal. When you do go shopping for furniture make sure to enquire about the amount of hardwood that the piece of furniture contains, if its low you can tell that it won’t be very good quality.

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